What Is The Importance of Nursery Admissions To Parents?

What Is The Importance of Nursery Admissions To Parents?

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What Is This Article All About?

importance-of-nursery-admissions-3-www.schoolling.comChildren start going to schools by the age of 3 but the real preparation starts much before that. It starts when parents start saving every penny of their hard earned money. It starts when parents go that extra mile to get their kid admitted to the best school in the town. When the rich parent resorts to an easier way of getting into the school through a bribe & the poor parents think about borrowing money from relatives. The ultimate goal, in any case, remains the same: Admission to the Best School in the town. (Click here to see the list of best schools in Delhi)

But have you ever wondered why is it becoming so important for the parents to focus on school admissions & specifically on the entry class admissions, primarily Nursery?

WHY Do We Go For The Best School?

The nursery is the most critical stage in a child’s life since it lays the foundation for the years coming ahead. According to a Times of India survey, only 12% of children change schools after Nursery. In short, the Nursery school decides how your child’s next 14 years of life are going to shape his future. The friends, the teachers, the values, the principles, the support, the ethics; all from one single institution. It all comes down to the importance of education in a person’s life & how it is analogous to the success & respect earned by that individual later in life. And parents in India are realizing that sooner or later and so are the private schools. Every school wants to adopt unique ideologies to attract parents & impart quality education. Parents, on the other hand, are equally concerned about the quality of education along with an overall development of the kid. Parents, unlike in the 90s are not just focussed on sending their child to any school but spend hours & days on selecting the school which matches their methodologies; the school which they believe can give a strong return on the investment they are making on their child’s education (Yes you read it correctly, education is nothing short of a trade these days). The schools which promise to get their kids to an IIT or an SRCC, the school which can manufacture successful Chartered Accountants, MBA & PHDs.


HOW To Select A Good Nursery School?

There are more than 1700 private unaided schools in our capital. Choosing one and choosing the best is a challenging task for all of us. A Latest Survey by the Hindustan Times Group states that getting a seat in Nursery Standard has a 32% lower chance than getting through Medical Examination in India. So unless you are very lucky, applying to a single school & getting through seems to be the wrong choice. A parent must apply to all the schools within a radius of 10 Km from their place.

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WHAT Is The Importance Of Selecting A Good Nursery School?

  1.  87% of a child’s brain develops during the first five years of life. It is the time for a child to undergo rapid cognitive, linguistic, social, emotional and motor development.
  2. Researches on Pre School education has shown that children taught skills at an early age usually have improved social skills, fewer behavioral problems, and better grades without any need for special attention. The learning imparted in a friendly and playful manner makes the child self-confident. This Self-confidence is reflected in the overall personality development of the child.
  3. A nursery school helps your child to develop important skills, such as taking initiatives, helping others, listening to the elders, etc. The child gets introduced to a new audience and thus nursery education lays the foundation for the communication abilities of the child.
  4. A child grabs the most during the time when the brain is undergoing development. Ideally, what a child learns at this stage is reflected in the later parts of a child’s life. A nursery education usually exposes the child to a lot of extracurricular activities.
  5. Class Nursery is the time when the child learns the first alphabets & vocabulary of life which, provides him with all the compulsory literacy skills.


TIP: Prepare yourself before admissions to avoid last minute rush

  • Make a visit to the photo studio and get your child’s, father’s, mother’s, family latest passport size photographs printed in bulk! Also, print enough copies of yours and your spouse’s, as most schools demand the parents’ photographs.
  • Aadhar Card for the child. Even if you don’t have it, get a temporary enrolment slip. You must produce the updated aadhar card at the time of admissions
  • Be ready with all the other mandatory documents & documents which are valid to you (Alumni, Sibling, Affidavits, Aadhar cards, Residence Proves etc).  Click here to download a consolidated PDF with document specifications required during Delhi School Admissions. 


Click here to download the Affidavit for Distance from School Format

Affidavit for Rental Accommodation Format

Affidavit for Twins Format

Employment Proof Format

Affidavit for First Born/Single Child Format

Medical Certificate & Immunization Card Format

Affidavit for Girl Child Format

Consolidated Affidavit & Document Proof Formats

  • All documents should have the same details. Eg: Address, spelling etc. Even if not, get them corrected.
  • The Birth Certificate of the child should have the Name of the child.
  • Photocopy sets of documents with your signatures (Attested). Do at least 20 photocopies each.
  • Medical Certificate. Some schools ask for an original. Either get colored photocopies or get multiple medical certificates from the doctor. Click here to download a sample Medical Certificate.  

Click here to download the Medical Certificate & Immunization Card Format

  • Save yourself from the hassle of visiting each and every school & fill just ONE single admission form on www.schoolling.com. You can shortlist schools on the basis of Fee structure, rating, reviews, location & gender. Apply to all the selected schools by filling a common admission form & track your application online without ever visiting the schools physically for registrations. PRE-APPLY even before the actual admissions open, so that we start processing your application before the admission start date.
  • Stay in touch with other parents. Whatsapp groups or websites offer enough information to keep you updated. schoolling.com is a popular forum that connects parents with the criteria and selection details of most schools in Delhi-NCR.
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