Delhi School Admissions 2019-20: Apply To Multiple Schools

Delhi School Admissions 2019-20: Apply To Multiple Schools

Fight For Every Seat!

Delhi has more than 5,700 Schools which include approximately 1700 Private Unaided Schools. The average number of seats in a Private Unaided School in Delhi is 74; which makes it approximately 1,25,000 seats in all the Private Unaided Schools Of Delhi. The total number of offline applications in 2018-19 admission season to these private schools were 5,40,008 & the total number of online registrations were 4,88,867. By simple arithmetic calculations, we come to the figure that a parent applied to an average of 8.231 Private Unaided Schools during 2018-19 Delhi School Admissions. It is vivid that there was a tough competition for every seat, with around 4% parents returning home without a single school in the bag. Henceforth, parents cannot afford to miss out on a single school & that is why it is reinstated to Apply to multiple Schools (Minimum 9); seeing that every other parent is applying to an average of 8 schools.

School Admissions & Medical Entrance:

Delhi’s School Admissions have always been a hotly discussed topic as they witness a success rate of getting a seat lower than that in a competitive exam like the AIPMT (Medical Entrance). Are you wondering what that means? The latest survey by the Hindustan Times Group states that getting a seat in Nursery Standard in Delhi has a 32% lower chance than getting through Medical Examination in India.


Frequently Asked Questions:

Q1) How many private schools are there in Delhi? What are the category wise total number of seats?

A1) There are a total of 1770 Private Unaided Schools in Delhi with a total of approximately 1.25 Lakh seats (90,000 seats come under General category & 30,000 seats come under EWS/DG Category). Click here to see the list of all the Private Unaided Schools in Delhi


Q2) What are the minimum number of seats in a school for Nursery Admissions?

A2) It varies from school to school, although the DOE has a guideline that the number of seats at the entry levels shall not be less than the highest number of seats in the entry-level classes during the last three admission seasons. The schools must declare all the details of the entry level classes (i.e. Nursery/KG/l) along with the seats available for admission on the directorate’s website as well as on their notice board & website.


Q3) What is the admission seat breakup for Private Unaided Schools of Delhi?


  • 25 % Seats are reserved for EWS, DG Category (Non-Mandatory for Minority Schools. However the minority schools which were allotted land by the Government, must reserve seats up to an extent of 20%)
  • 5% Seats for Staff Quota (Children/ grandchildren of staff/ employees)
  • 20% Management Quota
  • 50% General Category

Note: Allocation of management quota is an abolished selection parameter mandated by the DOE, although a lot of private unaided schools still form it as a basis of selection.


Q4) How can I find the nearest Private Unaided Recognised schools from my residence? How many schools can I apply to?

A4) General Category:

Since the admissions to private unaided schools of Delhi for the General Category applicants is non-centralised, the parents usually spend a lot of time navigating to each school’s website, checking their admission process, timelines, documents individually. You can now visit the website: SCHOOLLING. Find all the important information about schools in your area under 1 roof, filter & sort schools basis your requirement & apply to multiple schools by filling a single admission form & never visit the schools for registrations. Regarding how many schools you can select, we believe that with such high competition for a single seat, you should apply to as many schools as possible.

EWS/DG Category:

The admissions to private unaided schools of Delhi for the EWS/DG Category applicants can be done through the govt’s website After filling all the basic details in the registration form, the parent must fill the residential address and thereafter choose the correct Assembly constituency(Vidhan Sabha), Locality/Sub-Locality/Sub-Sub Locality of his residence from the Drop Down list and submit the details to know the nearest schools in different ranges (0-1, 1-3, 3-6, >6 Kms.).

You can select any number of schools shown till 6 Kms but maximum of 5 schools beyond 6 Kms


Q5) The number of applicants is usually higher than the total number of seats In Delhi school admissions. How are the students selected in such case?

A5) General Category:

The admission to private unaided schools in Delhi for the general category applicants happens through a point system where every applicant is assigned points basis the selection criteria adopted by the school. Some common selection parameters are Distance from school, Girl Child, Alumni Parent, Sibling in the same school etc. After receiving all the applications, the school now sets a cut-off score & all the parents scoring above that cut-off score get admission in the first list. The parents who got the same score as the cut-off score are invited to the draw of lots which is nothing but a lucky draw. Naturally, seats are lower than the number of applications in the draw of lots, so the school writes down the application number of each applicant & starts taking out the chits from the bowl. The number of chits taken out is equal to the number of remaining seats after first list parents are granted admissions. The lucky parents whose child’s name shows up get a seat in that school.

EWS/DG Category:

The admission to the private unaided schools in Delhi for the EWS/DG category parents is a centralized process monitored by the government through the website In a very similar manner, the parents have to fill some basic information in the form & they are asked about their preference of schools in an area of within 1Km, 1-3Km, 3-6Km and more than 6Km from their place. Unlike the General Category selection process, the students are not allotted any points. Admission is first granted to the applicants residing within 1Km, then to applicants residing within 1km-3km and so on. In the case of the number of applicants being higher than the number of seats, a similar process of draw of lots is followed.


EWS/DG Category Specific FAQs:

Q1) Do all the schools have seat reserved for EWS & DG Category? And what about minority schools?

A1) The government has given the freedom to the private unaided minority schools (Sikh/ Christian etc.) to abolish the 25% mandatory quota for EWS/DG category & can instead reserve these seats for the minority groups in their schools. However, the minority schools which were allotted land by the Government must reserve seats up to an extent of 20%. For rest of the private unaided schools, it is mandatory to reserve 25% seats for EWS/DG category.


Q2) Different schools have different entry levels of classes. How are parents eligible for reserved seats under the EWS/DG category?

  • A2) Those schools which are imparting pre-school education shall provide for 25% admission to children belonging to EWS & DG at the pre-school level.
  • Those schools which do not have pre-school education & are taking children at class 1 level, shall provide 25% seats to EWS/DG category at level 1.
  • Those schools which have preschools and are taking fresh admissions in pre-primary (KG) & 1st class  will have to confirm 25% seats at all levels wherever fresh admissions are there


Q3) Can the children belonging to EWS/ DG Category apply for the open seats (Remaining 75% seats) in Private Unaided Schools?

A3) Yes they can apply for the remaining 75% seats as well. Although they shall not apply for both the reserved & non-reserved seats in the same school in the same admission year.


Q4) Can an applicant apply for both EWS & DG Category in Private Unaided Schools if he/she qualifies for the same?

A4) Yes they can apply for any of the reserved categories if applicable although they shall not apply for both the reserved seats in the same school in the same admission year.

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Q) How should a parent prepare themselves before admissions to avoid last minute rush?

A) Some parents just lose out on all the important admission, dates & timelines due to lack of a centralized information on the internet about all the 1700 private schools of Delhi.

  • Make a visit to the photo studio and get your child’s, father’s, mother’s, family latest passport size photographs printed in bulk! This is one thing you can’t do without! Also, print enough copies of yours and your spouse’s, as most schools demand the parents’ photographs. Also, scan these passport size photographs or ask the photo studio to mail you a soft copy.
  • Aadhar Card for the child. Even if you don’t have it, get a temporary enrolment slip. You must produce the updated aadhar card at the time of admissions
  • Be ready with all the other mandatory documents & documents which are valid to you (Alumni, Sibling, Affidavits, Aadhar cards, Residence Proves etc).  Click here to download a consolidated PDF with document specifications required during Delhi School Admissions. 


Click here to download the Affidavit for Distance from School Format

Affidavit for Rental Accommodation Format

Affidavit for Twins Format

Employment Proof Format

Affidavit for First Born/Single Child Format

Medical Certificate & Immunization Card Format

Affidavit for Girl Child Format

Consolidated Affidavit & Document Proof Formats


  • All documents should have the same details. Eg: Address, spelling etc. Even if not get them corrected.
  • The Birth Certificate of the child should have the Name of the child. Get it corrected
  • Photocopy sets of documents with your signatures (Attested). Do at least 20 photocopies each.
  • Medical Certificate. Some schools ask for an original. Either get colored photocopies or get multiple medical certificates from the doctor. Click here to download a sample Medical Certificate.  

Click here to download the Medical Certificate & Immunization Card Format

  • Save yourself from the hassle of visiting each and every school & fill just ONE single admission form on You can shortlist schools on the basis of Fee structure, rating, reviews, location & gender. Apply to all the selected schools by filling a common admission form & track your application online without ever visiting the schools physically for registrations. PRE-APPLY even before the actual admissions open, so that we start processing your application before the admission start date.
  • Stay in touch with other parents. Whatsapp groups or websites offer enough information to keep you updated. is a popular forum that connects parents with the criteria and selection details of most schools in Delhi-NCR.


How To Apply For Nursery/KG/1st class?

We understand that your job as a parent is not simple. In a world that is moving its focus towards modernization, and comfort, there is definitely a dire need for the system to be simpler and comfortable too. When we talk about ‘the system’, it is needless to say that the admission process for nursery students in Delhi needs to be more mechanized and have more of a systematic approach.

In order to simplify the process of admission and make it easy for parents, we came up with ‘SCHOOLLING‘ for a basket of services. This is handy, easy and helpful!
Schoolling is a platform where you can apply to multiple schools, sitting at home. It is an initiative to make the nursery admissions process effective, faster, and more reliable for all the parents.

3 Simple Steps:

  • Search schools: We have close to 1000 schools listed on our portal. You can search for schools using filters like Area, Popularity, Rating, Fee Structure, and Gender to shortlist schools on the basis of your needs.
  • Apply to Multiple schools: After filtering & sorting the schools, you can apply to multiple schools for your child by filling a single admission form and uploading the documents online.
  • Track the application: Just like a food ordering app, you can keep a regular track of your applications and know when your form is delivered to school for further verification.

You can stay updated on our blog for all the latest information related to the nursery admissions.

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