Delhi Nursery Admission Rules For Twins

Delhi Nursery Admission Rules For Twins

Admission Rules For Twins:

If one of the twins gets selected, will the other one automatically get a seat in the same school? Which of my twin child will get the points for the first-born child? The Directorate Of Education (DOE) does not have clear guidelines around the Admission Rules For Twins, which the schools shall follow. Some years back, the schools used to interact with the parents & sort out issues like these but after the introduction of a centralized point system & banning of the criterion like interviews etc, there is no formal interaction between the parents & the school before admission. And because of this miscommunication, parents find themselves at the receiving end.

There are around 1,700 private schools in Delhi & every school sets its own point criteria. Some schools allocate points to the first-born child, some to the girl child and few schools like Delhi Public School, Vasant Kunj allocate points to twins. Let’s have a look at the point system defined by the schools before jumping on to the criteria for twins:

Click here to read the point system defined by the Directorate Of Education (DOE)

Now let’s have a look at some of the queries which we have received from parents of twins:

Q1) Will twins be considered under the sibling category?

A1) No, It is important to mark that schools consider only brothers and sisters sharing blood relation with the child & who are already studying in the same school as the sibling of the applicant. So twins shall not receive points under the Sibling category.

Note: Twins might get points under the sibling criterion in some schools. See the next question for answers.


Q2) What is the selection criteria for the twins?

A2) Different schools in Delhi have adopted different practices. Here are some of the scenarios:

  • If one of the twins gets selected in the draw of lots, then the other one gets selected automatically.
  • If one of the twins get selected in the draw of lots, then the second child gets the points for Sibling. If this second child now surpasses the cut-off score, then he/she gets admission to the school in the next list.
  • Some schools consider twins as separate applicants & do not give any sort of advantage.
  • Sometimes when the twins are a boy & a girl, the girl child gets selected by getting the Girl Child points. In such cases, again, it depends on the school how they define selection criteria for the boy child. Some schools select the boy child by default, some schools give him the Sibling points & some schools do not give any points.


Q3)Who amongst the twins will get the points of the First-Child?

A3) This again is a school-specific question and schools are free to fix their own criterion. Some schools give first-child points to both the children & some do not allocate points to this criterion at all.


Q4) Does a separate form need to be filled for Twins?

A4) Yes, the parents of twins must fill separate admission forms for both the children.

Click here to see the admission criteria for all the private unaided schools in Delhi

Hear what parents of twins have to say:

Last year, Antika Srivastava (Name Changed), a parent of twins: a boy & a girl faced one of the challenges mentioned in the above FAQ section. Her girl child made it to one of the top schools in East Delhi by getting Girl Child points but the schools did not allocate any points to the boy child & hence the boy missed out on the admissions (even in the lucky draw). Antika had to make multiple visits to the school. Despite putting in so many efforts, she failed to get admission for her kids in the same school. Bhattacharya (Name Changed), a resident of Rana Pratap Bagh, said that he had a very unpleasant experience in the 2018-19 Delhi Nursery Admission session. His twin children (Two Boys) were not eligible for points under the Sibling or Twin categories (And obviously not for Girl Child points) because schools in this region did not allocate any point to these categories. And since schools give so much weight to the distance criterion, therefore they could not make it to the schools which allocated points to twins but were far from their place. He says “my boys were born seconds apart, but are now miles apart because of different schools”.

Documents Required:

Click here to read the complete list of documents required during Delhi school admissions

Some schools demand an Affidavit of Twin Children. Affidavits are demanded as a self-declaration proof. The affidavits must be on non-judicial stamp paper duly signed by a notary. Some schools come up with their own formats & want the parents to get it done in that prescribed format only. The notary is usually aware of such patterns.

Click here to download the Affidavit for Twins Format

Soumya Gupta, the director of education, said that the DOE (Directorate Of Education) defines the overall admission criteria but does not interfere with the schools’ personal fixation of these criteria as long as they are reasonable, fair & transparent.


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