Parents Talk About School Admissions In Delhi

Parents Talk About School Admissions In Delhi

Delhi Admission Process

Every year, thousands of parents prepare themselves for yet another examination of life. It is one of those exams where the results are not proportional to the efforts put in, but sheer luck. Schoolling Pvt. Ltd. conducted a survey of approximately 400 parents from Delhi to know more about the issues and challenges faced by them during the admission process. Here is what parents talk about the school admissions in Delhi:

Sumit Khanna, Dwarka

“Nursery admission is a hassle in Delhi. In a stipulated time, we need to fill forms for all the relevant schools. Get DDs from the bank, submit verification docs to the school & what not. None of the schools had uniform selection criteria. We had applied to 17 schools & did not get a response from either one of them. Myra, my girl’s playschool luckily had a Nursery class, so this year we have admitted her to the playschool only. We shall be trying again next year for KG admissions.” Arora, Ashok Vihar

“Smoking, Drinking & eating Non-Vegetarian food are no longer considered a taboo in the India society & in fact, they are very essential for socializing. Some of the Jain schools in Delhi like The Mahavir Senior Secondary School on G.T. Karnal Road select children basis their parents’ drinking & eating habits. Even after the government’s abolishment of such criteria, it’s surprising to see such schools still follow these rules. We stay within a radius of 4 Km from the school but missed out on the school due to the drinking & eating selection criterion.”

Anant Bhattacharya, Rana Pratap Bagh

Anant Bhattacharya, a resident of Rana Pratap Bagh, said that he had a very unpleasant experience in the 2018-19 Delhi Nursery Admission session. His twin children (Two Boys) were not eligible for points under the Sibling or Twin categories (And obviously not for Girl Child points) because schools in this region did not allocate any point to these categories. And since schools give so much weight to the distance criterion, therefore they could not make it to the schools which allocated points to twins but were far from their place. He says “My boys were born seconds apart, but are now miles apart because of different schools”.

Antika Srivastava, Mayur Vihar

Last year, Antika Srivastava, a parent of twins: a boy & a girl faced a challenge where her girl child made it to one of the top schools in East Delhi by getting Girl Child points but the schools did not allocate any points to the boy child & hence the boy missed out on the admissions (even in the lucky draw). Antika had to make multiple visits to the school. Despite putting in so many efforts, she failed to get admission for her kids in the same school. She says “My babies are inseparable & I’ll try again next year for the KG admissions to get both my children in the same school”. Lalwani, Vasant Kunj

“Our first major tasks as parents were to know which schools were good for our kid. Then we had to research how the whole process worked and what were the crucial dates & documents needed for admission. This is our first kid & we were really unsure whether our three-and-a-half-year-old son would make it to the schools of our choice or not. I had heard that people were applying for not just five or six schools but 25-30 of them. Some of them still did not manage to get a single seat. Parents with good political contacts made it easily to the top schools like DPS RK Puram. We stay close to Vasant Kunj & luckily we had a lot of good schools in Delhi in the vicinity. The distance parameter kind of worked for us. But there were areas like Delhi Cantonment where schools do not have a Nursery class. Parents living in such areas of Delhi must have had their own struggles. Lastly, I would like to add that the Schoolling team was a sheer blessing for us. From providing us the list of all the schools in our area with their ratings, fee & location to helping us in applying to more than 20 schools, all without visiting these schools for registrations was no less than a blessing for working parents like us. They kept us informed about each & every selection process & documents needed at the time of admissions. Complete package. Must say!!” Singh, Punjabi Bagh

“Getting a seat in the nursery class is tough but changing schools is even tougher. And this is the prime reason why every parent just wants the best school for their kid in Nursery itself. The seats are limited & the applicants are higher. My kids Aadhar was not ready and almost every school asked for the child’s Aadhar copy. It was a last minute rush for us. Luckily we got an enrollment copy of the Aadhar and later presented the originals at the time of admissions.” Wattal, Principal of Springdales School, Pusa Road

“The real challenge in Delhi Nursery Admissions is not because of a poor admission process but because of a low supply & high demand for an admission seat. There are only 1700 private schools in Delhi which make approximately 1.25 lakh seats. There are more than 10 lakh applications every year. The lack of good Government schools forces the parents to apply to Private schools. The government of Delhi should invest more in the education sector & try making the Government schools a better place to learn.” & Sumit Tandon, Karol Bagh

“We used to take leaves on alternate days; visit the schools at 9 in the morning, stand in queues, collect forms, come home, fill them up & then again visit the school to submit the form along with the supporting documents. None of the schools had a streamlined process except a few. We do not qualify for alumni or sibling criteria & are dependent only on the lucky draw. If his name does not come up in the lottery, a whole year would be wasted. He is too young to realize that right now. It becomes our responsibility to get the best for him. To make the matters worse, schools have a small window for form collection & submission; like 9AM-11 AM. In this span, we had to visit all the schools in our area. Tough! Really Tough! Glad it is over.”

Click here to read about how parents can file complaints & approach the grievance cell set up by DOE for any admission related concerns. 

What’s Our Take On This

In the findings of the latest survey conducted by us, we found that the major concern of 6 parents out of 10 is that these days they cannot totally rely on the internet for collecting the information about documents, selection criteria and likewise other details. Due to these reasons, they need to make multiple rounds to the school and wait in the long queues, which only adds to the burden. Also many a time, it becomes cumbersome for them to take out some time from their busy schedule to complete the formalities. We understand that a lot of things fall on your plate all at once and this leads to missing the deadlines which further creates a lot of tension.

In order to simplify the process of admission and make it easy for parents, we came up with ‘SCHOOLLING’ for a basket of services. This is handy, easy and helpful!

SCHOOLLING is an online platform that makes the admission process a lot easier. It not only connects parents and schools for admissions but also helps parents in narrowing down their list, get correct data, make the right choices and also save them time & money.

It has a simple 3-step process:

  1. Search Schools: You can search for schools using filters like Area, Popularity, Rating, Fee Structure, and Gender to shortlist schools on the basis of your needs.
  2. Apply Online: Fill in a single application form and upload the required documents for the shortlisted schools.
  3. Track Your Application: Just like you have been tracking your food order, now you can track your application’s status on a real-time basis on our website.

That’s all! All of this is just a click away.

Our Credentials:

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