Affidavits Required For Delhi Nursery Admissions

Affidavits Required For Delhi Nursery Admissions


Documents are essentially one of the major requirements of the Delhi School Admissions. These documents; originals, certificates & affidavits form the basis of proving your identity. The school has the rights to reject an application basis the authenticity of an admission document. So all the parents out here, please make sure that all your documents are up to date, have matching details and most importantly are authentic. Here is a list of all the Affidavits Required for Delhi Nursery Admissions followed by some frequently asked questions.

Q1) For what purposes are the affidavits required? And is there any specific format for them?

A1) Affidavits are considered as a self-declaration proof of your identity confirmed by oath, for use as an evidence in the court. Eg: Adopted Child, the distance of school from home are some of the common affidavits. The affidavits must be on non-judicial stamp paper duly signed by a notary. Some schools come up with their own formats & want the parents to get it done in that prescribed format only. The near-by notary is usually aware of such patterns.


Click here to download the Affidavit for Distance from School Format

Click Here to download the Affidavit for Rental Accommodation Format

Click here to download the Format For Affidavit of Twins

Click here to download the Affidavit for First Born/Single Child Format

Click here to download the Format For Affidavit Of Girl Child

Click here to download the Consolidated Affidavit & Document Proof Formats

Here are some other affidavits which some schools might demand.

  • Affidavit of ‘Single Parent’ in case of death of spouse or divorce.
  • Affidavit for inter-community/inter-cast marriage.


Neighborhood Criterion For School Selection:

The distance of school from the applicant’s home is one of the highest weighted criteria used by schools. Today, most of the schools adhere to this and give maximum weight to the child staying closer to the school. The points allotted to the neighborhood varies from school to school. Some schools use radial distance to calculate distance, other schools use distance by road. Some schools like Queen Mary’s School ask for the proof of distance on an affidavit.

Click here to download a sample Distance Affidavit


Q2) We are living in a rented place. Can we add a rent receipt as an address proof since the electricity bills, water bills & other bills are in the name of the landlord?
A2) Some schools accept the rent receipt but most of the schools do not. To be on the safe side, get your aadhar card’s address modified which could be amended on showing your rent receipt. The Aadhar updating process takes time, so even if you do not have the updated Aadhar card copy, you can add an enrollment slip of the Aadhar application & later produce the updated Aadhar card at the time of admissions.

Click here to download the Affidavit for Rental Accommodation Format

Click here to read an article on the complete list of documents required during Delhi School Admissions


Q3) For how long do the parents need to produce the income declaration certificate under EWS category admissions?

A3) The parents belonging to the EWS category shall submit the self-declaration of annual income on an affidavit every year for continuation of the reserved seat in the school once admitted against the reserved seat. However, no student shall be expelled or debarred from the school in case of non-submission of above-mentioned documents without the prior approval of Director (Education), DTE of education, GNCTD



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