Delhi: Junior School Branches & Feeders

Delhi: Junior School Branches & Feeders

Hi Parents,Please find below a Region- Wise consolidated list of Official Junior Schools and Unofficial (Feeder) Branches of some schools in Delhi. 


NOTE: A Request to all the parents to add more names in the comment section if they are aware of any other official/ unofficial junior school branches. 


Official Junior School Branches: These schools are recognised by the DOE and the main branch of the school conducts its junior classes in these branches. Eg: DPS East of Kailash and DPS Vasant Vihar are official junior schools for DPS RK Puram. 

Note: The child automatically gets transferred to the main school after his/her schooling ends at the junior school branch.


Unofficial Junior School Branches (Feeder Schools):These schools give students to the CBSE affiliated schools in Delhi and are not monitored by the DOE to a large extent. Eg: Kidsway School works as an unofficial feeder branch to Manav Sthali School in Rajinder Nagar (starts from 1st standard). *******************************************************

Note 1: There have been some laws imposed by the DOE lately to monitor the feeder branches. For example: Read clause (e) in this:…/upload…/12668_dt_07012017.pdf


Note 2: In case of feeder branches, please be extra cautious, a few of them promise to transfer the child to the main school after Nursery/ KG but do it in probably 5th standard. A lot of feeders are also at risk of shutting down. Try to take written commitment/ email from the feeder school about transferring the child to the main school (Although a lot of them will not give any commitment other than verbal communication). Irrespective of that, some feeder branches are doing good in terms of imparting education and that is also one of the reasons why the CBSE affiliated schools accept students from these feeders.



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