Delhi: Specific Schools Targeted By Parents

Delhi: Specific Schools Targeted By Parents

Hi Parents, In this post we will try to cover all those schools that are targeted by specific parents. See attached pictures in the post as reference for each category of school.


1. Schools that allocate points to parents belonging to following categories: Martyrs, Ex servicemen defence person, Defence para military, Serving as doctors in Defence, Army/ Navy/ Air Force, and others.

Note: There are some schools such as Sanskriti school, Chanakyapuri, that have dedicated seats for all such parents (Defense, etc.) and hence those schools are not a part of the above photo.


2. Schools that follow a different curriculum than CBSE (IB, IGCSE, CISCE).

Note: If you really wanna read in and out everything about the education boards in Delhi/India I would suggest you to buy the admission guide available on Amazon. The first chapter contains a very detailed explanation of all the board with individual pros & cons, schools delivering that board in Delhi, examination patterns, difference in all the boards etc. The book is authored by the founder, Aayush Aggarwal and has reached 1,100+ parents so far. Buy the book here:

Read more about International Boards on this FB post:…/permalink/659725671338373/


3. Schools that had open seats for KG and 1st Standard (As per 2020-21 admission season).Note: Read more about KG schools on this FB post:…/permalink/458596071451335/


4. List of all Targeted Minority schools in Delhi.Minority schools are institutions run by one of India’s six religious minorities – Muslim, Christian, Buddhist, Sikh, Parsi and Jain communities – or linguistic minorities. They are exempt from implementing certain laws including the Right to Education Act 2009. These schools ‘might not’ even have mandatory 25% reserved seats for EWS/ DG category students.Christian & Catholic schools (Convent Schools) have always been targeted by parents in Delhi primarily because of discipline that they maintain, low fee structures, focus on spoken English, and moral values taught. I receive a lot of queries from parents asking for the best Christian/catholic schools in their area.


5. Only Boys and Only Girls Schools.Note: As per Schoolling’s 2019 Survey of 650 parents, 1 in 9 parents prefers an Only Girls/Only Boys School for the child.


6. Schools offering Boarding/ Day Boarding facility.A boarding school is typically a school far away from the city, residing children in hostels and children get to meet their parents only for 3-4 months a year. Residential School, on the other hand, is categorized into a five-day boarding (where the child gets to spend the weekend with his/her parents). A Day Boarding extends day school until 5-6 PM, preferably for working parents. A Day Boarding school typically lies in the vicinity of the city, enabling stronger accessibility to the parents, along with providing the competitive environment of a boarding school. A day boarder is a student who remains in the school for extended hours, having their meals, taking part in activities, and doing their prep in the boarding house, but they do not stay overnight. Day boarders are often allocated a study space in the boarding house but do not have a bedroom.


7. Schools which allocate points to Twins.

Note: If one of the twins gets selected, will the other one automatically get a seat in the same school? Which of my twin child will get the points for the first-born child? Read the full article here:…/delhi-nursery-admission…/


General Note: All these lists might not be exhaustive and I am sure there would be a lot of other schools in each of the above categories.



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