Delhi: Fee Structure for schools in Delhi

Delhi: Fee Structure for schools in Delhi

All the decisions in our lives, in one way or the other, are related to money. The annual fee structure of the school also plays an important role in influencing parents’ decisions. Unlike the 1990s, parents these days are willing to pay a higher amount for educating their child as they expect a higher return on this investment in the near future.

Feel free to add new school fee structure in comment section or suggest changes in existing schools.


On the basis of a basic study on the Internet, we found out that the annual fee structure of the private schools in Delhi can be clubbed into the following categories:
• Rs. 50,000/Annum – Rs. 70,000/Annum
• Rs. 70,000/Annum – Rs. 1 Lac/Annum
• Rs. 1 Lac/Annum – Rs. 1.5 Lac/Annum 
• Rs. 1.5 Lac/Annum – Rs. 2 Lac/Annum
• > Rs. 2 Lac/Annum 
Note: I have shared the below fee structure based on the inputs received by us from parents sending their kids to these schools. Please expect some deviation from the actual school annual fee structure.  
The Common Misconception About Fee:
Sometimes it is the brand, for which a school charges a higher fee (For example The Vasant Valley School, Vasant Kunj). Sometimes it is the services provided by the school, e.g., GD Goenka Schools. But fee should never be adjudged as the sole criterion to determine the superiority of a school. I have seen a lot of cases when the parents are left with 2 good options, one school with a higher fee than the other. In 30% of the cases, they have adjudged the school with the higher fee as the better one, assuming that the high fee is proportional to better quality. This is not completely true. Although higher fees could facilitate better infrastructure and other services, the core values of imparting education; which makes a student confident, sharp, and bright, cannot be bought. They are built by the values imparted by the school management to the students over the years. A classic example of this would the Catholic and Christian schools across Delhi that give the best education to their children, charge less fee, and have shown great results in the past. 
All you need to focus on is whether the money you are spending on your child’s education is fetching full value in terms of safety, extra-curricular, co-curricular, academics, basic infrastructure, values, and overall development of the child.


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